Moulay M’hamed Loultiti

Creation and perpetuation of a prosperous, efficient and sustainable agriculture

Since its creation, COPAG's mission is to create and perpetuate conditions favorable to the development of an efficient, profitable and value-creating agriculture.

Thus, we have made integration a strategic choice allowing us to enrich our agricultural expertise as well as our marketing and industrial skills every day in order to maximize the satisfaction and strengthen the loyalty of our national and foreign clients.

Faced with the challenges of globalization, we are strengthening our investments in infrastructure, technology, brands, training, management and the development of core competencies to improve the strategic capacity of our organization and build competitive advantages in all areas of activity related to our core business.

The success of our business model strengthens our choices and values and has provided us with the opportunity to fully play our role as a driver of human development by creating jobs and wealth in our areas of intervention, particularly in rural areas.

We are...

the combination of experience, knowledge and love of the land

comment c’est fait

We create value, which benefits all our members, employees and consumers.

The magazine Industrie du Maroc (N°63) grants an article to COPAG highlighting its mission, its youth and its development, as well as its crucial role in the emancipation of women (women's cooperative) and in the fight against school dropout in the rural world.

Learn how a group of committed and willing farmers changed the rural and agricultural landscape forever.

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